MCQ Test-01 on DC Machines

MCQ Test-01 on DC Machines

Objective Test on DC Machines

Syllabus: Construction, working principle of D.C. generator, emf equation of D. C. generator, working principle of D.C. motor, types of D.C. motor, back emf, torque equation for D.C. motor, characteristics of D.C. motor (series and shunt only), three-point starter for D.C shunt motor, methods for speed control of D.C. shunt and series motors, industrial applications. Special purpose motors: Construction, working principle, characteristic and applications of stepper motors, A.C. and D.C servomotors, universal motors, brushless DC motors.

Guidelines for MCQ Test-01 

  • There are Approx. 20 questions of total 20marks
  • Each question  carry 01 marks
  • Total duration of the test is 25 Minutes.
  • Types of questions will be numerical/theoretical having multiple choice, fill in the blanks, Multiple correct option, match the following types.
  • Some Question having more than one correct option ,so tick all correct answers carefully. 
  • There is no negative marking.

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